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Welcome all to the SPRING month of October.




A very busy month ahead in Cellar Door! More Wine Club members daily, new harvest wines coming onboard and lots more!


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We need rain! Everywhere throughout Qld it is dry… All vineyards will survive; however, their yield of fruit will be lower. Even here on Tamborine Mtn we are dry. Having said this, our vines are bud bursting. To me the new babies are coming alive once more.

October is an exciting month. The dormant winter is over and now is a time for new growth.

At Cedar Creek Estate we are between harvests with our wines. Whilst waiting for some of our favourites to come back on board we still have plenty of variety. A wine to suit most palettes.

Call into our NEW look Cellar Door of the Qld Wine Centre and make yourself known to the NEW management team.

See you soon for a wine tasting!



Happy Aileen always ready to greet you in Cellar Door!

Happy Birthday this month Aileen!

Judi is having a birthday this month as well!

Another year older, better and just like our popular JP Selection Vintage Port, smoother, refined, so much better with every year that passes.


Next, an update from our vines, our wine, and the new harvest wines coming into Cellar Door! Plus

THE SPRING        


ALL LOVE!           

Tempting Morsels to Delight!

I think it only fitting to get your spring into your step with the talk of our Verdelho!

The aromatic profile of Verdelho is crisp, sometimes with leafy or spicy accents. It typically makes rich wine in the Old World, with ripe apricot and stone fruit aromas, while in Australia it is more reminiscent of citrus and tropical fruits.

Here, at Cedar Creek Estate, our Verdelho is the only wine I can say to you does not taste as it smells. The nose on this wine is very much like tropical fruit, giving you the hint, it may taste sweet, but it does not! It is a dry, but fruit driven white wine that matches well with any food that has a creamy sauce. Marinara, chicken, fish, even pasta with a creamy sauce.

Wine club members can enjoy this lovely wine at 20% off the retail price for more than one bottle purchased. Call into cellar door and check out the terrific new range of merchandise at the same time.




Baked Fish with Lemon Cream Sauce

Baked Fish with Lemon Cream Sauce

If the idea of baked fish conjures up the words pale, colourless and bland, then this one’s going to be a game changer for you!!

It’s an effortless 15 minute recipe one pan recipe where fish is baked with a creamy lemon sauce. It’s the sort of recipe you can make no matter how hectic your household is, or on a lazy Sunday night because it’s this easy:

Mix butter, cream, garlic, mustard and lemon;
Pour over fish; and
Bake – no flipping required.

And out comes this – tender baked fish fillets with a beautiful lemon cream sauce that’s perfect with fish!

This recipe will work for most fish, but is especially great for white fish fillets

The Lemon Cream Sauce for Fish

This recipe really is all about that Lemon Cream Sauce for fish which is made in the same pan while the fish is baking. It’s a simple sauce which actually tastes pretty unimpressive when you first mix it up.

But once it’s baked and the fish juices mix in with it, it transforms into an incredible sauce. It’s basically like making a sauce with real homemade fish stock – just like fine dining restaurants do!

What this tastes like

The recipe name implies that the sauce is rich but actually, it is not! I describe it as kind of light and fresh, yet a bit creamy. You will be thankful there is a decent amount of sauce because it’s perfect for mopping up with bread or spooning over mashed potato!

What you need

Not very much!

  • White Fish fillet – any fairly flat white fish fillet is fine here, about 2 cm/ 4/5” thick or less. Any thicker, and the fish will take longer to bake which will thicken the sauce too much, so you’ll need to thin it with a splash of water.
  • Escallot/French onion – those small onions, they’re more delicate than normal onions so they work well in a quick fish recipe like this. Use the white part of green onions as a sub, or really finely minced normal onion.
  • Dijon Mustard – sauce thickener. Can sub with other non-seedy mustards.
  • Garlic – goes in almost everything in my world!
  • Cream – use heavy / thickened cream if you can, to help with sauce consistency. Low Cal sub – evaporated milk. It’s not quite the same, but I’ve been known to use it when I’m trying to be “healthier” 😂
  • Butter – there is no substitute! 😂
  • Lemon – lime would work in an emergency situation. Sub: 1/3 cup white wine simmered to reduce to 2 tbsp, use in place of lemon in recipe. Verdelho works for me!

Try these on the side:

  • Everyday Cabbage Salad, big juicy Greek Salad
  • Fresh Garden Salad with Balsamic Dressing, French Dressing or Italian Dressing
  • Fresh Lemon Potato Salad or Greek Lemon Roasted Potatoes 
  • Potatoes au Gratin, Easy Creamy Potato Casserole or Mini Potato Gratin Stacks
  • Mushroom Rice, Kale Garlic Butter Rice or Tomato Basil Rice

$26 per bottle – for wine club members 2 or more bottles and receive 20% off!

Finally, I wanted to let you all know that the last Sunday afternoon of every month I am conducting Master Wine Class in the Heritage Bar of our Cellar door at the Qld Wine Centre. Starting at 3pm SHARP!

What is a Master Wine Class?

At my Master Wine Class there will be a max of 20 people! I will not do the class for 2 people as it is not viable to do so. However! The cost is just $20 per person, it takes approx. 1-2 hours.

The experience is a heightening of the senses! You will receive when you arrive a notebook and pen. Every placing will have a laminated placemat with 6 glasses arranged and wines already poured.

No one will know except me what the wines are.

I hope you all enjoy October and will talk again when November and the Melbourne Cup rolls in. Book in for your Cedar Creek Estate Melbourne Cup experience! You are all winners!

Until next month!

Bye for now. Judi